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Scientology fundamentals for daily use in every part of life. Encompassing 19 separate bodies of technology, here is the most comprehensive manual ever published on the basics of life.

Suggestions for Further Study on Scientology technology

Dealing with the threatening aspect of the environment represents only one facet of L. Ron Hubbard’s technology for viewing and handling everyday life. Many fundamental discoveries exist in Scientology which shed new light on our society and provide tools to improve one’s survival in it. Studying the materials listed here can help you understand the environment better and handle it more effectively.

Order Scientology: A New Slant on Life On-line A New Slant on Life

Contains thirty essays by L. Ron Hubbard which can expand one’s understanding of his relationship to his environment and the factors involved in living well and successfully. In a direct, easily understood style, Mr. Hubbard discourses on subjects such as bringing order to life, the race against man’s savage instincts, justice, greatness and over twenty other important topics. The knowledge available in this book provides a clearer, more secure view of the world and life.

Order Scientology and Effective Knowledge On-line Scientology and Effective Knowledge

In this hour-long recorded lecture, Mr. Hubbard explains why man has remained so long at a loss for workable answers to existence. He explains that there is a level below blindness, which is imagining that one can see, and stresses the importance of actually observing the world and the environment to gain true understanding and increase one’s effectiveness in dealing with life.

Introductory and Demonstration Processes Handbook Introductory and Demonstration Processes Handbook

Containing numerous procedures (called “processes”) by which specific situations in life can be alleviated, this book is a tool which no one who has an interest in helping others should be without. Contains more than two hundred processes to help people deal with and improve many different parts of their lives. Using these, you can help others to communicate better, resolve problems, become more aware of the environment, confront life and situations more ably and overcome many of the obstacles they might encounter. The handbook is fully indexed, with exact instructions for each process. Provides a complete array of tools for helping others. A course based on this book is available in Scientology organizations.

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