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Suggestions for Further Study on Scientology technology

This section covers only a portion of the technology L. Ron Hubbard developed to help someone choose a marriage partner, improve an already successful marriage or repair one which is in trouble. Your understanding of and capability in this crucial area of life can be advanced through study of the following materials.

Starting a Successful Marriage Starting a Successful Marriage

Finding a compatible partner is necessary to having a lasting, happy marriage. This course not only provides one with the technology to understand people, thus enabling one to more intelligently choose a partner, but also gives tools which can get a marriage off on the right foot and keep it moving in the proper direction. (Delivered in Scientology organizations.)

How to Maintain a Successful Marriage How to Maintain a Successful Marriage

Many people start well in marriage, but don’t have the knowledge they need to actually expand and improve the relationship. Knowing how to communicate well, how to increase affinity and how to resolve disputes is vital for the success of a marriage. This course can prepare a couple against the pitfalls they might encounter, and teach them how to build a happy, stable relationship. (Delivered in Scientology organizations.)

How to Improve Your Marriage How to Improve Your Marriage

Couples sometimes encounter seemingly unresolvable situations in marriage. The only options, they feel, are to endure it somehow or else break it up. But there are ways to improve and even solve such situations. This course explains why couples become dissatisfied with each other, and gives practical handlings to restore love and mutual support in a marriage. (Delivered in Scientology organizations.)

Creating the Second Dynamic Lectures Creating the Second Dynamic Lectures

A dynamic is an urge toward existence in an area of life. The second dynamic is the urge toward existence as a future generation. It has two compartments: sex, and the family unit. In this series of lectures, Mr. Hubbard reveals how to straighten out second dynamic problems, including data that is vital to know in selecting a marriage partner in the first place, how to repair a failing marriage and how to live with and raise children. These lectures can help you achieve a much greater understanding of the second dynamic.

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