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Scientology fundamentals for daily use in every part of life. Encompassing 19 separate bodies of technology, here is the most comprehensive manual ever published on the basics of life.

Suggestions for Further Study on Scientology technology

As part of L. Ron Hubbard’s research into life and the human spirit, he developed Scientology processes and techniques specifically for use in the workplace. Applying these one can gain an increased awareness of oneself and his relation to the physical universe, and with that comes greater ability and effectiveness. The following are recommended study, no matter what one’s occupation.

Order The Problems of Work On-line The Problems of Work

This is an essential reference on the use of Scientology technology in the workplace. It covers vital fundamentals including what holding a job depends on, the secret of efficiency, and the factors of freedom, barriers and purposes as they apply to the subject of work. Contains Scientology procedures that can be used directly in one’s work environment, to help both oneself and others become more aware and able.

How to Make Work Easier How to Make Work Easier

Based on the text of The Problems of Work, this Scientology Life Improvement Course provides illustrations, demonstrations and practical exercises to give the student a thorough working knowledge of the wide range of data the book contains, and certainty in its application. (Delivered in Scientology organizations.)

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