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The Conditions: States of Operation

A condition is a state of existence. Everything is in one condition or another. The ethics conditions identify these states and provide formulas – exact steps which one can use to move from one condition to another higher and more survival condition.

Be it an organization or its parts or an individual, everything passes through various states of existence. These, if not handled properly, bring about shrinkage and misery and worry and death.

If handled properly they bring about stability, expansion, influence and well-being.

The formulas for these are the monitoring formulas for livingness (the state of living).

The conditions, ranged from highest to lowest, are:


Power Change


Normal Operation









The first thing to know about them is that each step in a formula is in exact sequence and must be done in that sequence. It is totally fatal to reverse the order of sequence of two or more actions. If the sequence is disordered the final result is a smaller organization or less influential person.

A key datum is that if the formulas are not known or correctly applied, an organism emerges from each crisis smaller.

Examples of a person in different conditions
A person can exist in different conditions. Ethics is the means by which he can raise himself to a higher condition and improve his survival.

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