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The subject of communication occupies a prominent place in the legacy of L. Ron Hubbard’s research. He often lectured on the application of communication to benefit others seeking to improve and wrote several books and hundreds of shorter articles on the subject. This section could only touch upon some of the most basic principles. There are, however, many other materials available for the interested reader. Those listed below are recommended for further data about communication and practice in its application so as to become skilled in its use.

Success Through Communication Course Success Through Communication Course

A week-long course which thoroughly teaches communication skills to train a person to guide and control communication in social or other situations. Contains eighteen separate drills, each one of which deals with a different aspect of good communication. Students learn effective ways to listen, make themselves understood, get their questions answered, handle communication upsets, start and maintain a conversation, get another person talking and much more. This course is for anyone who wants to communicate better. The skills taught here are used by thousands to bring greater success in relationships, careers and many other dealings with people. (Delivered in Scientology organizations.)

Order Dianetics 55! On-line Dianetics 55!

Contains Mr. Hubbard’s most thorough exposition on communication, going into great detail on all its aspects. This work is the manual on communication and vital to success in virtually any activity in life. The quality of one’s life is closely linked to his ability to communicate and this book provides Mr. Hubbard’s most concentrated researches on the area.

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