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How to Find a Third Party

The way not to find a third party is to compile a questionnaire that asks one and all in various ways, “Have you been a victim?” Do not ask questions such as, “Who has been mean to you?” or other questions which would tend to elicit answers that the person has been victimized. This kind of question will not locate the individual stirring up conflicts between people but may only name executives and others in the group who are trying to get people to do their jobs and be productive!

Anyone who uses this approach (1) does not find any third party and (2) causes people to mentally or physically collapse to the extent that they cannot function causatively.

By definition, a third party is one who by false reports creates trouble between two people, a person and a group or a group and another group.

The object of the investigation, then, is to find out who has been spreading false reports in order to stir up conflicts between people or groups. To find a third party one has to ask those involved in the dispute questions along the following lines:

1a. Have you been told you were in bad?

b.What was said?

c. Who said it?

2a. Have you been told someone was bad?

b. What was said?

c. Who said it?

3a. Have you been told someone was doing wrong?

b. What was said?

c. Who said it?

4a. Have you been told a group was bad?

b. What was said?

c. Who said it?

Woman getting interviewed and talking about a guy Man getting interviewed and talking about same guy Woman getting interviewed and talking about a girl
To find a third party; ask who has been telling people that others were bad, doing wrong, etc.

Man getting interviewed and talking about same guy
An entire group can be asked such questions, and when the results are viewed. . .

Reviewing interviews and sees third party
. . . one person’s name will appear far more often than others. This is the person to investigate for creating disharmony and conflicts.

A questionnaire like this should have a limiter such as “On your job________?” or “In your marriage__________?” or “In this family__________?”

It may also have a lot of answers so leave ample space for each question.

By then combining names given, you have one name appearing far more often than the rest. This is done by counting names. You then investigate this person.

By following this procedure, you will find out exactly who has been stirring up conflicts and thus open the door to their resolution.

With this tool in your hands you will be able to change conditions between family members, associates and groups you come into contact with and restore harmony.

Such a remedy for previously unresolvable conflicts never existed before Scientology. It is the solution to a host of ills that have worried men for ages.

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