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Scientology fundamentals for daily use in every part of life. Encompassing 19 separate bodies of technology, here is the most comprehensive manual ever published on the basics of life.

Suggestions for Further Study on Scientology technology

The assist technology in this chapter, while most used, are only a fraction of the technology L. Ron Hubbard developed in the area. The books and courses listed here are available to any person wishing the complete data on the subject.

Assist Processing Handbook Assist Processing Handbook

The complete collection of more than 130 different assists developed by L. Ron Hubbard for use in a wide variety of circumstances. Gives detailed instructions for assists to handle toothaches, a fight with a spouse, nosebleeds, newborn babies, people with fevers, even a person in coma. All Mr. Hubbard’s technology on assists is contained in this volume. Complete with reference tables which list the range of assists for different situations encountered. Scientology organizations deliver a course based on the book - the Hubbard Assists Processing Auditor Course - which thoroughly trains a person to skillfully apply all assists.

Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course

Provides a broad spectrum of Scientology basis, expanding the knowledge of assists contained in this chapter. Students become experienced in the application of assists and other Scientology procedures to help others. In addition to material on assists, the course also contains many other Scientology fundamentals. These give student a firm grounding in Scientology philosophic principles. (Delivered in Scientology organizations.)

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